Maika-chan (pseudonym) active JK. I love anime and talk about it lol I got angry when I said I didn’t have a boyfriend lol She seems to have a dreamy personality, and it seems that there is a mysterious rule in Mika-chan’s order of sex = kiss → chest → pussy lol I wonder if I read too many doujinshi. She’s embarrassed in front of her boyfriend, but if she’s in front of someone she only sees today, she’s very aggressive, like being disturbed to her heart’s content. After all, rotten girls have a strong libido. Even though she’s in the culture department, she has a nice, slender body with tight abs under her uniform! ! I’ll get an erection that hurts my dick in the gap! ! If you make it with a hand man and a cunnilingus, it’s too comfortable and you can’t do it anymore, can you put it in? It’s okay to be raw, so put it in! ! I said something like that, and I was excited and inserted into an old man who was completely beasted, so I immediately hit the top speed gun, so wait! ! Even if I begged for it, I was treated as Onaho with an Oraora piston that ignored cancer, and I was treated as a foot pin continuous climax, and at the end I was too lively and I could not even speak w

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