#Idol class #Innocence #Good personality #Good sensitivity #Serving sex is good, cute! Overwhelming cuteness tolerates everything. -I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but there are people I care about. Yes of course! No problem at all! So cute! (Strength of heart) If it’s a little too cute, it will behave suspiciously, so please talk to me! -I grew up in an all-girls school, and spent my youth with a boyfriend, so I don’t have enough experience. – I tend to raise a scum man because my desire to do it is too strong. Oh, I didn’t really listen to her gestures because her gestures were so cute! It’s cute so I don’t mind! With a very comfortable distance, it feels like I’m at an idol handshake event! Let’s buy alcohol and enter the hotel! (Model Tay) If you drink alcohol, you will become an idiot. Let’s drink hard! Long limbs with this look! ! The gap between a carefree smile and an erotic body! I can’t help but touch it! Sensitivity is good! ! Concealed embarrassment? The gap between a smiling innocent smile and feeling. pretty! A figure that is embarrassed when you point the camera when you are doing it! It’s natural to be embarrassed, but cute ones are rare! Insertion from the electric makuri hit, Naka is narrow! Hold your breath! ! From, angry waves of Saddle defeat. Standing back at the washbasin with long legs, move to the sofa and push it up with a back riding! Full SEX from here on the bed. She likes to serve and is good at cowgirl! Breathe patiently! ! Even though it’s about 10 bowls of rice with just her face, her body is good and her sensitivity is good! The height difference between a flirtatious smile and a gachi panting face. While drinking alcohol, thrusting around in the back, I felt like I wanted to do it forever, but my breathing was exhausted, and a large amount of shots were fired in my face. An innocent smile even if it is covered with sperm. Cuteness tolerates everything. important person

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