You often hear stories about married women who are full-time housewives getting along with the manager of their part-time job. You end up spending more time with your reliable man than you do with your husband. . The wife this time is also a wife who has a double affair with the manager of the family restaurant where she works part time. Mei is 27 years old. A married woman who thinks that affair is bad, but her body is too compatible and the relationship is protracted. Today I went to Odaiba for a sandy beach date, so I went to a secret meeting with the store manager without telling my husband. I had a lot of fun at the waterside, and I ate a lot at the lunch buffet and enjoyed the date. . . It’s an adult date, so it can’t end like this…! ! The manager who had reserved the hotel takes us to the room as a matter of course. My pussy has become full and my niece is also sore, and this is the end of my boobs! ! Body

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