I’m an HN called “Uncle ○○” and I’m always using SNS to look up idol girls who don’t have dirt on their hands, but when I get to my level, I’m already tired of playing sex, so lately it’s been a bit of a hassle But looking for girls to get more euphoria has become the mainstream. (Omitted) I often go to live performances and autograph sessions of underground idol girls that I thought would be good, planting trust in the other person, and sending DMs at the right time so that I can interact with a good probability. From time to time, they tell me their worries, but most of them say that they are struggling with their lives. If you talk about helping such a child with money, you will almost certainly meet in person. If you bring it home, it’s already over here, and after that, if you raise the amount of money, it will do anything for you. There are good girls in the sex industry, but once you know how delicious it is to drop a girl you can’t reach and do naughty things, you can’t get out anymore lol (Posted by Mr. K)

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