“Kanna” 25 years old. 173cm G cup. She is an active model who is greedy for eroticism and obedient to men because she is a super high-speed beautiful woman. An active model I met on a matching app. It’s been 3 years since I hid my face with an app even though I was dismissed immediately if the office found out, and I continued to have sex with my partner. So I was really lucky to meet such a girlfriend. Join the group of Saffle with haste. Sometimes we don’t see each other for 2 months sometimes, but we’ve been friends for nearly a year. She’s gentle, loves sex, and has a moderate amount of M, so she’ll do anything if it’s just a general perverted play. On this day, I was planning to have a photo session at an empty beach in September and have sex as it was, but unfortunately it was raining, so the plan was changed. As expected, I usually work in a single piece of cloth in front of people, so it’s amazing that I can walk around the city with no bra and no panties even in a thin bodycon mini dress with a loose back. I did something erotic outside, so I went into the hotel and had sex.

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