Kyouka is 22 years old. She is a con cafe lady in Ikebukuro. I’m attracting customers with a super cute outfit ww It’s very popular in India The broth of the condom ww The yavai ingredient melts and it seems that all the young people are getting high when they drink it ww So let’s try it this time And picking up in Ikebukuro. When I prepare a special drink and go outside, I find a con cafe lady who seems to be free! ! A cute maid-like outfit is nice! ! It seems that the number of people who have come to Ikebukuro has increased recently, but the location is bad around here. ! I’ll let you drink alcohol and make me feel at ease, and I’ll give you the drink of the example ww It’s delicious ♪ I’m drinking a lot ww If you mix in the lower story and let me drink more and more … Gangimari ww It’s completely flying! ! My sensitivity is supposed to be crazy and I’m going to fly just by rubbing my breasts ww It’s a rubber broth, isn’t it? ! I’m going somewhere again in her throat Irama WW India’s secret, seriously. I’m completely addicted to being covered in juice! ! It’s a gigantic copulation with a reading attention level, ww

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