〇 Honoka Natsume Mr. Natsume has been married for half a year. My newlywed life is going well and I feel very happy, but there is only one thing I am dissatisfied with… that is that sex doesn’t feel right. In fact, both of them are M temperament, and it seems that only the husband is satisfied with the work once or twice a week. The truth is that I want to do more things, but I can’t expect much from my husband. For some reason, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to experience it with a professional actor. . * Nao Tominaga A celebrity young wife whose husband runs a real estate company. In fact, she came to appear this time at the request of her husband who is 30 years older than her. Her cuckold desire seems to be with her husband, and she wants to see her wife have sex with someone else. Normally, she should show a rejection reaction to her distorted propensity, but on the contrary, she seems to be interesting and is quite a nostalgic wife. I was able to enjoy sex with such a perverted married woman in a rich and dense manner.

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