The person who applied this time is a slender beauty in a pure white knitted dress [Kyoko (29)]. It seems that she is an office worker in Aoyama and seems to be a long distance from her boyfriend. Seeing her slender body that can be seen even from the top of her clothes, I am immediately excited. The naive reaction that smiles embarrassedly when you look at the erection is cute. I will gently touch from the inner thigh, which is the erogenous zone. If you give me an electric massage machine and show me masturbation, it will gradually change to a female expression. Seeing such a face, I got an erection, so I asked him to lick it. And I couldn’t stand it anymore so I inserted it. If you move it in small steps, it seems that your face is distorted and you will immediately come. It is the best sensitive BODY that makes your waist cramp. It seems that it was the first time in a long time that I had sex, and I made my voice louder and panted and leaked “It feels good…” many times. [Kyoko-san] who enjoys the back and cowgirl position and convulses her body many times. The last is normal position, tightness is good and I let you vaginal cum shot twice.

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