Play contents: [Part 1] Bowling date, lunch, hotel in, kiss, pie massage, nipple licking, cunnilingus, fingering, electric massager, tide, blowjob, missionary position, cowgirl position, back, standing back, creampie [Part 2] Cosplay (idol-style costume), blowjob, nipple torture blowjob, nipple torture handjob, back, sleeping back, missionary position, ejaculation to mouth [Part 3] bath, blowjob, ejaculation in mouth

Synopsis: 《J PROFILE》 《name: Amina》 《age: 18》 [Idol J who sings and dances on the bed holding a dick instead of a microphone] [A date with Amina! When I headed to the meeting place, the uncle greeted me in such a cheerful way that he smiled ♪ It seems that he wants to go bowling today, Amina-chan… did you go bowling? I feel uneasy. “I can do it!” This kid is really bad at bowling! ! If you throw it, you can almost knock down a few pins with a gutter, demonstrating a genuine beginner! Why did you go bowling today? I thought, but maybe that’s because my curiosity was aching … (laughs) Amina-chan, who ended the game without being a serious game of incandescence with such a reason, was incompletely burned. I feel sorry for him if he continues like this, so I’m going to shift to a strategy of making him happy with delicious food…! Although it is a family restaurant in that area, I guess you liked the omelet rice you ordered. He got me in a good mood in no time♪In addition, since it’s time to report on my current situation, I asked him about his recent work situation. Even though J ♪ is it a job? Are you working part-time? ? You may think that, but it’s not! Surprisingly, she is a splendid active idol at this age! ! (Applause) Saturdays and Sundays are full of live performances. Even on weekdays, the idol business seems to be full of lessons, and it seems that she is busy every day. As a result, she tends to miss school, and her grades are… a little…! Even the calculation of the multiplication table seemed suspicious, but Mina-chan will do something about it because of her charm! (And he was an uncle who couldn’t help but wish (tears)) Idol activities seemed to be fun and hard work, but Amina-chan, who even made time to come see me, was a really good girl. , I want to listen to anything you say. That’s why I take him bowling, feed him, and save him a hotel. “I want to go to a place where we can be alone♪”, the biggest wish of the day, let’s make it come true! After arriving at the hotel. When I dared to ask an awkward question, “What did you want to do when you were alone?” Nice guy! Kissing in response to expectations, carefully teasing nipples. Then Amina-chan suddenly changes to an adult-like expression and begins to spill a horny sigh. The crotch was also moist and wet. Cunnilingus with her tongue crawling on the chestnut that insists. If you stir the mako with the electric massage machine + hand man from the beginning, the sound of the tide will be heard. After putting it in your mouth, insert it raw as it is! Amina-chan who panted with a loud voice in the taste of Chi that feels full of vagina. It seems that she is always conscious of exercising when she eats to maintain her figure, and she also actively moves on her own. ! Put today’s most sperm in the uterus! ! Amina is everyone’s idol, but only here I poured plenty of proof that it is an uncle’s thing. The second round will start with cosplay! Get changed into a special idol-style costume and give a nipple torture blowjob

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