Adultery trip for two days and one night. He goes to the hot springs without telling his wife. Her partner is Yui Hatano. As soon as she arrives at the inn, she immediately fucks in the room. Please immerse yourself in the world of just the two of you and Yui Hatano. Sucking soft skin shining in the bathtub at the hot spring with love juice and sweat, panting with cunnilingus and a fierce piston with a standing back. Between men and women who enjoy extraordinary life, the face of his wife is already forgotten. At night, he secretly pranks at the bar. Just leave it to the momentum and have sex …. The next morning I woke up and suddenly had sex. She devoured her beautiful breasts at the hot spring again, and in response to her tears, “I don’t want to go home…”, she continued to fuck until the last minute of checkout, and finally crossed the line and ejaculated. Yui is better than her wife… Which one do you really like? Why don’t you have a lot of pseudo-romance with subjective images of dangerous adult affairs?

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