Play contents: [Scene 1]: Breast massage from clothes, deep kiss, bra off nipple groping, handjob, glans licking, vacuum fellatio, ball licking, mouth firing.
[Scene 2]: Electric massager, electric massager masturbation.

[Scene 3]: Sexy cosplay, electric massager masturbation while waiting, finger fuck, deep kiss, handjob, fake blowjob with fingers, vacuum fellatio, insertion in standing back, ball licking, glans licking, face-to-face standing position, squirting, Face-to-face sitting position, cunnilingus, back, sleeping back, enthronement, missionary position, mouth firing, face-to-face woman on top (Shigure tea mill), spider woman on top, face-to-face woman on top (curved Kannon), enthronement.

Synopsis: To a woman who missed the last train, pretending to be a certain program, “I’ll pay the taxi fare, so can I go home?” It’s a plan to do it.

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