Play contents: [Part 1] Night date, hotel, drinking, kissing, nipple licking, ear licking, nipple groping, cunnilingus, fingering, armpit licking, blowjob, footjob, missionary position, electric massager, back, milk grabbing back, back sitting position , nipple groping missionary position, creampie [part 2] bath, nipple groping, blowjob, handjob, standing back, squirting, cosplay, electric massager, blowjob, 69, doggy style, cowgirl position, back plane top, side position, big hold missionary, creampie

Synopsis: The (naughty) goddess of beer that everyone in the stadium is a fan of [Yuki / 24 years old / veteran beer seller] Today I’m having a night date with my sex friend “Yuki” ♪ I’m going to enjoy a certain famous date spot! I took a short break by bracing around that area. I asked Yuki-chan, who warmed her fingertips with hot tapioca milk tea in the cold autumn night breeze, about her work situation. Working at Tokyo Dome, she works hard every day as a beer saleswoman! He sells one beer at a time to the customers watching the game holding a heavy beer server. There is a quota for each day, and it seems that you can’t go home unless you sell out, so I think it’s more harsh than I imagined. However, Yuki-chan has been working for more than three years. As a veteran salesgirl, she seems to be selling over 300 cups a day (about 100 cups for normal children), and seems to be earning quite a bit on a commission basis…! ! Strictly speaking, in this industry, children who aren’t cute don’t earn that much. Many of the spectators are men, so it can’t be helped, but Yuki-chan, who boasts the top sales and has many male fans, is really amazing! ! A true goddess of beer. It’s a convincing visual! ! (Emphasis) The two of us watched the fountain show that started while we were talking nonsense ♪ We also went to the Ferris wheel and spent a peaceful time while enjoying the night view… I tried, but it was impossible. as soon as. In the past, he said, “I’ve taken off my clothes on a Ferris wheel.” It’s www, but not only that, my electric massage machine has appeared from her cute bag… I can’t help but laugh… www It seems that I always carry it around so that I can do it whenever I feel horny. I’m just surprised by the slutty slut that doesn’t match her appearance…! ! I came to a luxury hotel because there is no option not to do it with such a girlfriend! The night view is higher than the Ferris wheel, and Yuki-chan is happy with the slightly higher-ranked beer. So let’s do it on the sofa as it is (laughs) Ear licking, beautiful nipple groping, female odor cuddle with cunnilingus, armpit licking at her request, etc. As you do your favorite foreplay, you can see that your lovely face will melt with pleasure. It feels so good, ahhhhh♪♪” Yuki-chan rejoices. When I took out the electric machine from the bag and made a piston while hitting the chestnut, I raised a louder scream and cummed continuously. It’s me who seems to be taken away unintentionally, but I’ll put up with it in the early stages… I’m going to have a hard time in the sensitivity explosion with alcohol power! ! It’s bad for my throat if I keep panting, so I asked them to rehydrate with beer on the way! (Laughs) And then, “Let’s go together…? Let’s go together…? ♪♪” In the back of her vagina… Dopyu! ! Release the first shot accumulated in the reservoir! It came out so much that it dripped … w I moved to the bath to wash off the sweat. I thought I’d calmly warm myself up in the bathtub, but I got excited while playing pranks and ended up in sex mode (laughs). It overflowed. Yuki-chan, this looks like it’s still going to be cool… ♪ After enjoying a light beer after taking a bath, I changed clothes into a uniform-style costume! Using the electric machine that I brought with me, I played with that hand → all fours fellatio → six nine, and raw insertion after waiting for a long time! The skirt with an exquisite length sways in time with the rhythm! ↳ Color your beautiful buttocks cutely! Yuki-chan, who has a continuous acme, is in great shape. To thank you for sticking with me all the way through the second half of the game, I’m going to give you the second raw vaginal cum shot today! ! Goddess… I may have gotten pregnant, but I’ll think about it at that time (laughs)

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