[Aoi / 19 years old / college student] This project is a win-win project for connecting with girls who want money, helping them and taking POVs. The girl this time is Aoi, a college student with cute eyes and short hair (without a boyfriend). This time it was OK to take a gonzo because of the travel funds ♪ Aoi-chan smiled unexpectedly at the amount of money when she immediately went to the hotel and handed over the money. There is no time limit, so you can thoroughly enjoy the young skin of your teens and porori the meat stick that has already been erected. Open the super beautiful shaved pussy with your fingers and insert it into the vagina that has become thick with cunnilingus and finger fuck… The face you feel while distorting with full power piston while pressing the body so as to cover it is messed up Cute ♪ I shot my ejaculation at a moderately sized beautiful breast and had him clean up my sperm-covered cock ♪ For the second race, I had him change into a prepared micro bikini and this time Aoi Chan is a rich service in attack mode ♪ He says he likes to lick, so I asked him to lick the whole body, and the cock is back again with a tongue that doesn’t seem to be a teenager. Aoi-chan who swings her hips unrelentingly with a face when she inserts it at the woman on top posture. I can not put up with the finest masterpieces that are getting tighter and tighter, and the last is an ejaculation finish towards my mouth! Also at the end, she carefully cleaned the sperm-covered cock and made the best picture. Aoi-chan, a beautiful girl with overwhelming beautiful skin… If you want money again, please contact me ♪ (I want to take a gonzo again…) # Female college student # fair skin # shaved pussy # short hair # micro bikini # cleaning blowjob 】B: 83 W: 59 H: 85

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