[Riana / 25 years old / girl drinking a guarantee] A plan to pick up women in the city where you throw darts on the map of Tokyo’s 23 wards and pick up darts in Tokyo! This time, we finally went to Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku! When I was walking around the quiet town in the morning, I found a transcendental beauty who got off a taxi and had a preeminent style. Occupation is a pay drink, and it seems that she is earning a mess with a high-priced guarantee setting by taking advantage of her good looks. Isn’t it possible to do it if you accumulate money? So I prepared some money, but for tens of thousands of yen, it was about a glass of alcohol… I couldn’t back down and gave more and more money. Riana-san who does a messy body touch when he gets money. While entering the outdoor jacuzzi together, enjoy the tight G pie, and the long tongue rich blowjob will make Ji Po into a gingin full erection. When I put it in a tight-fitting pussy, Liana immediately faints in agony because of the unexpected size. ◯ Move to bed while grabbing Po… Liana-san is on top and full body lip

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