The first woman is a 3-piece set with a beautiful face, fair skin, black hair, huge breasts, and invincible. Drunk with the tricks of the staff… Fallen to squid with an electric massager, exposing beautiful and heavy tits of national treasure class, when the switch is turned on by hand man, it pushes forward with blowjob, titty fuck, gun poked with a big cock, and it’s sexy and pleasant I’m getting drunk. A goddess-like fleshy and beautiful body, a pleasant moaning voice, thin pubic hair, and high points are added one after another. It is an undisputed gem. The second woman, Oku-san, has an innocent and cute look, clear fair skin, and beautiful, plump breasts. It’s cute to see her being pushed through by her Yurufuwa character. She gets squid with her fingering, gives a good blowjob, of course fucks her, shakes her huge breasts at the woman on top posture and gets intoxicated with pleasure, shakes her huge breasts in the back and makes her cum, shakes her huge breasts at the missionary position and eats vaginal cum shot. Oppai is really good, isn’t it? A must-have item for those who love big breasts, with 2 national treasure-class huge breasts in a row.

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