Play contents: interview, armpit tickling, butt rubbing (turning up the skirt), deep kiss, (removing the bra) breast rubbing, nipple groping, deep kissing while rubbing the milk, nipple licking, chestnut groping (through shorts) Climax with (Take off shorts) Shaved pussy check, groping crack, climax with cunnilingus, climax with fingering, squirting, slowly handjob while taking off briefs, blowjob, titty fuck, glans licking while fucking, soggy blowjob again, normal on the sofa Position, insert slowly from the glans, intense piston at missionary position, put your hands on the table and stick out your buttocks, stand back, rub your breasts while standing back, cowgirl on the bed, swing yourself at the cowgirl position, put your hands behind Cowgirl with full view of the joints, back on the bed, missionary position (2nd time), grabbing milk while pistoning, swallowing sperm ejaculated in the mouth

Synopsis: Hinata-san, a busty beauty. Although she works as a hairdresser who is famous for being beautiful, she has never met a man and has no boyfriend for half a year. While indulging in delusions night after night, recently he has begun to dabble in sex toys. The pussy that has been shaved by beauty hair removal is a sensitive constitution with excellent tightness. Please see Mr. Hinata who is disturbed by sex for the first time in a long time.

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