Play Contents: [Scene 1]: Neck licking, deep kissing, breast massage from clothes, M-shaped legs, thigh licking, spanking, butt rubbing, nipple licking, through underwear Crack groping, clitoris groping, anal licking, cunnilingus, fingering, girlfriend nipple torture, ball licking, glans licking, vacuum blowjob, handjob, no hand blowjob, insertion at missionary position, bending position, spider cowgirl position, face-to-face cowgirl position (book) Tea mill), face-to-face cowgirl (curved Kannon), back cowgirl (Tsukimi tea mill), back, standing back, Rolls-Royce (rear sitting position variant), sleeping back, bukkake on stomach, cleaning fellatio.
[Scene 2]: Take a bath together, chi-po massage, handjob, vacuum fellatio, clitoris torture with toys, masturbation with toys, nipple torture with toys.
[Scene 3]: Electric massager, clitoris torture with toys, clitoris torture with a womanizer, cunnilingus, handjob, vacuum fellatio, glans licking, 69, insertion at missionary position, enthronement, enthronement, sleeping back, back, facial cumshot , cleaning fellatio.

Synopsis: This work is a real documentary work that charms a sweet and sexy lady. This time I came to Takashimadaira. Waiting in front of the station is a pretty young wife, Mr. Jun. She is 25 years old and has been married for two years.

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