An idol from Japan that spreads beyond the sea. You can only see the cute, cool, fashionable, and glittering side, but the girls who are active in it are fighting in a swirling world of muddy desires to stand out even a little. It’s the same for the top group kids who are currently attracting attention on TV screens. It is a well-known fact in the neighborhood that activities are carried out in private places in order to acquire as many fans as possible. There is a lot of physical contact between fans and idols, which is completely incomparable to official handshake events. Even girls like Rentan who are active in major groups in the red and white class are no exception. She always stands out, so she doesn’t want to be seen, so she goes to the hotel in moderation when taking pictures outside. A man full of lust and a cute young girl are alone in the same room and nothing can happen. There are no rules for cocks that are hard and erect. The taste of lips, saliva, nipples, and pussy that you don’t know at a handshake event is so fresh that it’s out of this world. Even if it’s just the shape, he pretends to dislike it, but when he sweats sincerely and commits it, he makes his face bright red and once he gets it, the convulsions do not stop again and again, and he gives me the first middle orgasm. rice field. We don’t need anything rude to block the gap between idols and fans. I made a large amount of vaginal cum shot with raw fuck without rubber.

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