“I want to see the usual sex of a famous actress!” Matching TV started to satisfy such a desire! The actress and the actor were not asked about each other, and they were made to gather at a certain hotel in Tokyo without being asked about the contents, and there were only two cameras in the room. The only instruction from the director is “Forget about AV shooting, please show me a pleasant SEX”! Emphasizing privacy, she came with her personal belongings, of course, including makeup and clothes. ! Non-stop document from the moment we met until the end of SEX! The 13th series has entered the 10th year of career, Kimi and Ayumi who are more and more polished as actresses! It was supposed to be a meeting with an actor, but Ayumi suddenly obeyed the masturbation order unreasonably. When I took out the cock, the variation of the handjob was divinely erotic, and I got a glimpse of the true value of a veteran actress. No script! No performance! There is a happening! 69 minutes of condensed appearances that can not be seen in ordinary AV from talk to SEX! ! I’ve never seen her so real and erotic so far even though she’s a gonzo!

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