A literary girl who serves as a committee member in a certain university’s library… Contrary to her sober and neat appearance, her true nature is fierce! ? She is a literary girl who visits the home of her beloved old professor and reads old books that are no longer available…but her purpose is not the book, but the professor’s meat stick! A literary girl who strips naked in front of a bewildered professor who confesses his love and seduces her! A professor who is conflicted that he can’t have a relationship with a student… Hebi Musume who takes off her clothes and puts a cock in her mouth without hesitation! ! Swallowing the meat stick with a honey pot along with the reason of the professor who is conflicted while having a meat stick in his mouth … rampages on the old professor! The professor who was exposed to young libido also worked hard with powdered bones … Dedicated sperm to a young honey pot w The next day … A literary girl who visits a creepy professor and loves enthusiastically ….

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