[Kaname] has now grown into a splendid masochist and is leading a lewd life. I was in heat even during a short walk, so I went straight to the love hotel in my swimsuit. I inserted an anal vibrator into the anus of [Kaname] who wanted it, and made it serve my unwashed Ji Po, which was stuffy from a walk in the scorching sun, and fucked a lot of anus. The second half is a dog play that arouses masochism. I put on a dog ear and a tail-shaped anal plug, and I loved the female dog [Kaname] who was in heat and made me stick out of the swimsuit with Irama and Vibe. ① Mouth service with a female climax anal vibrator inserted in the butthole. Lick middle-aged Ji ○ port and anus. It is continuous spanking with the vibs toy stuck in the anus. [Kaname] mutters, “I’m happy…” while having an orgasm after being strangled with a vibrator. The master sucks the erect penis from anal sex and writhes. At the end the semen that ejaculates by herself is returned to the mouth and she swallows but she is further attacked and made acme continuously. (2) Obedience of a female dog Pet [Kaname] wearing dog ear and tail plugs is exactly a pet. When you take a humiliating pose, your crotch is swollen all of a sudden. A vibrator is inserted while the nipple is pressed with clothespins. Licking service from middle-aged man’s toe to face as it is. Sensitive nipples are tampered with, and while the vibrator is inserted, Deep Throating is called training for cum in the throat. At the end she masturbates with a vibrator that has been left inserted all the time.

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