Play contents: Normal massage, lower abdomen pressing massage, breast pressing massage, oil massage, groin massage, blowjob, footjob, handjob, insertion in cowgirl position, back riding Pies in position, back, side, and missionary position

Synopsis: When I first visited an esthetic salon, I was greeted by a blond haired, risquély-dressed hairdresser. Even though he looks good, he kindly massages me… Ah, this is what I call Gap Moe! I was impressed with that, but it didn’t happen. Before long, I rubbed his lower body and let him touch my boobs, giving me a service like a shady shop. Playing with my lower body, which is no longer normal, while screaming. This woman is just a pervert who loves Ji Po regardless of her appearance! Ascension after being squeezed as if to say Ikeike. If she wasn’t enough, she inserted herself and shook her hips as she pleases… now I’m being fucked! I couldn’t finish it like this, so I also moved violently and let me comfortably put it inside!

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