A man who got engaged in his hometown (a farmer) and a friend who came back to his hometown from Tokyo for a class reunion. It seems that the farmer got a young fiancée. The city man seems to have a hard time doing real estate. A farmer who called his fiancée. Gal wife Yuki-chan. You said you were fashionable. cute. The accent is also cute. A friend from the city who bought champagne because it was a big deal. If you’ve never drank it, you’ll get excited. A friend from the countryside who has passed out. A friend in the city who says that kisses and SEX are greetings in the city and presses a gal wife to kiss. A gal wife who switches on. What a T-back when the skirt is turned over. A greedy city man. I start breastfeeding while my friend is sleeping. Fingering, Cunnilingus. A farmer rolling over. Gal wife who blows exciting tide. The hand man is quickly rounded up and fellatio. A gal who happily sucks. It sucks deep inside. He seems to be bigger than his fiancée. Drool sticky thick fellatio. Insert from behind. A man in the city who kicks out his butt while his friend is sleeping. A gal wife who gets it. Cowgirl insertion. Missionary vaginal cum shot.

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