Synopsis: “I applied because I couldn’t forget the last time I had sex and I wanted to experience it again,” said Yuri Aizawa. The slender and beautiful body is still alive, and the sex appeal is getting more and more polished. Please enjoy the appearance of Yuri-san, who is even more intense and rich than last time, in the main part.

Play contents: [Chapter 1] [1st round] Teasing play, smelling the penis, intercrural sex from underwear, licking the actor’s nipples, blowjob, foot licking, handjob, masturbation on the actor’s knee, masturbation while giving a blowjob, Deep Throating , anal licking handjob, deep kiss, bra shift nipple groping, nipple licking, portio stimulation, underwear shift clitoris caress, oil play, electric massager, fingering, nipple licking handjob, insertion at missionary position, standing position, spanking, Standing doggy style, back sitting position, side position, missionary position, neck choking, cum shot in mouth Chapter 2] Costume change to micro bikini, masturbation, dildo blowjob, clitoris messing

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