In order to fulfill the wishes of the client who wishes to have sex with his close relatives, Koichi Takahashi stands up… Voyeur of the whole incest plan! A request from a son who can’t stop lust after seeing his mother’s nakedness that fell asleep during a massage. A director dressed as a musical director interviews his mother as part of his son’s selection for the leading role. It begins with the nude photography and finally goes to the action after the physical entertainment to the director. When the mother called by the director cooperates for her son, she changes into a swimsuit and blindfolds and helps create a new choreography. The assistant who participated later allowed the body touch without knowing that it was his son, and it became an erotic development as instructed by the director. A mother who is puzzled by knowing the truth when it is inserted and feels good. However, when she knows the details of the matter and is held by her son again, she ejaculates at woman on top posture.

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