This work is an esthetic voyeur documentary about an actor who likes voyeurism and got married to an esthetician because he loved esthetics too much, but got divorced because he was crazy about esthetics. ――――― [Miss Menes this time] ・Mr. Beauty! Good style ○ ・Difficulty of actual negotiations: ○ ・Sensitivity: Binkan ○ Climax! Splash hame tide! [Fee] Ebisu certain business trip men’s esthetic shop ・ 90 minutes course ¥ 20.000 ・ Option (cosplay) ¥ 2.000 [Impression] A soft Kansai dialect slender busty beauty girl ○ A child who is very easy to orgasm and cramps and cramps! Splash squirting, I was able to take it beautifully! ! “I can’t stop my hips!” “Is it okay to shake my hips?” It was the best! ! ! ――――――*This work is recorded in 4K high image quality. For this reason, it is recorded with higher image quality than general voyeur works, but the image quality varies depending on the customer’s playback environment. Thank you for your understanding. * Please refrain from writing personal names, place names, facility names, etc. that may lead to the identification of performers in the review column.

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