Hello. A girl’s youth mulepang collector. On the other hand, I make a living by negotiating and having sex. Aside from self-introduction, I will help my daughter who was looking for yen on Twitt○r back dirt this time. A runaway girl. Moe voice. Uncle “Do you often do this kind of thing?” I-chan “No, not too much… (Moe voice)” Uncle “Do you know your friends…?” Egui is Echi. He used to live in my house until recently, but apparently he got a boyfriend (handsome guy), so he moved out.・Height: about 150cm (just the right size.) ・Weight: about 42kg (easily in the cowgirl position.) ・Personality: Neat and clean bitch of a small animal type ・Educational background: 2nd year (private school in Kanagawa)

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