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Synopsis: 《J PROFILE》 《Name: Kocchan》 《age: 18》 《Number of cups: F cup》 I’ve increased, but honestly I’m using it for libido treatment because it’s a lot of love and it’s dull! Today, my second girlfriend, Kocchan, asked me to meet her after school, so I dragged my back to meet her. I’ve been playing the role of the ideal boyfriend in front of her, but frankly, sex has become a rut, so I decided to let my friends embrace me as a new bomb. After having a meeting beforehand, I went to pick her up, and asked her if I could invite her friends after chatting at a café. Well, of course, I got ripped off, but I didn’t have the right to veto, so I called my friends right away! I thought that Kocchan would not like it, but he surprisingly became friends with me, so the three of us went to a love hotel! ! While worrying about being seen by a third party, release the tension with a kiss and release it to your friends! Even though I was right in front of my boyfriend, I was easily confused, so I thought, “After all, you can use other rods.” That said, even while my friend was messing around with my pussy, I was a little reluctant to look into my own eyes, so I thought that even if it was something like this, I would feel guilty. Well, I think that Kocchan would feel better if there were two poles, so I would like to work together with my friends to do hand man and lick the nipples and get more and more depressed. Nori is scary. Until just a little while ago, she didn’t even want her friends to come over, but when she started sucking the man’s cock in front of her boyfriend without any resistance, I was a little disappointed. I think it’s different. I just want to be needed because my self-affirmation is falling to the ground. In other words, the more you give Ji-Po, the more satisfied Kocchan will be. Because I was doing such an erotic thing, my friend couldn’t control it, so I inserted it into her without getting permission. I wonder if she was quite finished, not only did she not hate it, but she was knocked down and was screaming like an idiot, so it’s worth letting me hold her. I have to say that the appearance of being pistoned by a man other than myself and shaking her F-cup breasts while shaking is fresh and erotic no matter how experienced she is. My friend was able to hold a real J♪ for free, so I thought it was a good deal, and I was able to see something good, so it’s a winwin. As expected, it was fired into my chest, but since I put out a lot of it, I realized that she’s really erotic. Even familiar holes look asexually sexual. I decided to get rid of my sexual desire with Ko-chan right after being fucked, ignoring my friend who went somewhere in the sage time. As for her, she said something like, “Finally, we were able to be alone,” and she almost laughed. Well, my friend from Kenja Time went to the shower in Sokko and was rude, so I think he just returned the dependency to himself. It means that it fits in the original pole or the original scabbard. When I had sex with my friend, there was a rubber band, but since I’m in the position of a boyfriend, he let me do it raw. According to her, “My boyfriend is special.” Thanks to the many silly J*s with such auspicious heads, there is no doubt that I am also able to have various low-brained and raw fucks, so I am grateful for all the ingredients. The friend I had sex with until a while ago didn’t seem to know which position would make it easier to make her come because it was her first time seeing her. Probably because I thought I wasn’t satisfied yet, I decided to do it in Kocchan’s favorite position as much as possible. I know she’s a woman who loves Portio, so sleeping back is the correct answer. At the end, a large amount of vaginal cum shot is shot with a missionary piston while looking at the 100-point boobs! I’ve persuaded her to follow up after ejaculation and do the next 3P, so I’m still going to keep using it! ]

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