I Met Kotono-chan, A Female College Student In Shibuya. An Innocent Smile // A Beautiful Style // An Active JD Ultimate Shameful Remote Bike Walk // In Front Of A Lot Of People! ? For the first time in her life, Koto-chan’s remote-assisted walking walk has a bright red face before she turns on the switch. ! “Turn off the switch… it’s no good… I can’t walk…” I can’t stand the reaction ww It’s too cute // If you take me to a place with a lot of people walking around, “Everyone is watching you…” It vibrates because it shows a good expression UP // Whole body twitching…Fawk-chan who feels her body trembling // “Don’t shake too hard… Stop…” Pickn pickn-chan who secretly gets orgasms in the city ww cute jerky… jerks! “Outside… Everyone’s Watching… I Came ///” Honest Confession I’m Awakening To A Lewd Awakening On The Street-Even When I Ride A Car, I Pushed A Remote Bike And Car Masturbation /// Kotono-chan Transformed Into A Lewd Girl I’m still in the studio.

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