Waka Narumi is 36 years old. A full-time housewife living in Yamagata Prefecture. Thanks to the 100 cm G-cup breast milk, my two children are growing quickly and my family life is going well. But I have one big complaint. “The couple’s relationship is harmonious, but only sex is always light …” I work with my husband once a month. Thanks to that, the masturbation that I learned in the 5th grade is still at a high pace, and I finally have a constitution that is not good for sex. However, at that time, Waka-san remembered the image of a woman who was always violently pushed by the penis on the screen. (I also want to have sex with the best feeling) A beautiful snow country wife who has traveled all the way to Tokyo to be embraced by a strong and strong man. Please see the glossy appearance that challenges the first infidelity.

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