*This is a private Gonzo video. Due to the nature of my work, I often find data that I forgot to erase, such as idols and models’ egui sales to survive in the entertainment world and completely private videos. Sometimes you may be offered a deal at a high price. ◆ Hikaru-chan. The group seems to focus on hip-hop dance, and although she looks flashy, she is very shy. It seems that all the members secretly have boyfriends, so I’m jealous. He’s not drunk! I insisted on it, but I went to the hotel feeling fluffy and tipsy… As expected of an idol, his gestures are too cute. I like to drink, but there are quite a few girls who are not strong against alcohol, so when I ripped off my clothes while smiling happily, I found a volume full of super beautiful big breasts. As expected, she trains every day with dance, her style is tight and her sensitivity is the best. Maybe I drank too much, and even the tide blew up… w It’s already quite a hairy state. I can’t stop swinging my hips with a sloppy tongue and panting. This lewdness is a talent. It’s a pretty nasty mess. Please take a look.

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