◆If you say downtown, it’s a drunken woman. It’s falling down in a position as if to say please pick it up already. It’s dangerous if you’re in a place like this, so I’ll pick you up. It’s much easier than picking up a walking woman! ◆There are times when I want to get drunk until everyone is drunk. When I patrol downtown, I’m a drunk woman. Pretend to be worried and bring him to the hotel! ◆ It’s a little troublesome because I’m drunk, but after enduring it, I can enjoy rich SEX while enjoying my whole body! ◆Don’t throw up! Don’t throw up! While thinking, because I’m drunk, libido also explodes! Will you go that far? I will even do things. ◆ Picking up a drunken woman has a higher success rate than an orthodox pick-up, and sex is guaranteed (laughs)

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