Sayuri Maki, 55 years old. The two daughters are independent and now full-time housewives who live leisurely with their husbands. Happiness itself from the outside. However, she is still active as a woman. It was too early for Sayuri, who is now in the heyday of sexual desire, to live comfortably. There’s no way he’ll be satisfied with just one activity per month, and his delusions are escalating as he has more time to spare. Among them, what excites me the most now is the delusion of the scene where I am appearing in AV. After replaying it in my head over and over again, I couldn’t control my desire to actually experience that scene. Eros talent that has been hidden for a long time by a hidden horny wife who looks chaste but is completely different on the inside. Please see the moment that finally blooms now at 55 years old.

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