Housework and cooking, of course, sometimes even talking to someone. “Auntie Rental” is a service where kindly aunts come to your room and help you with your life in various ways. It is said that she is very popular among single men, but because she is alone in her room, she often encounters troubles such as sexual harassment. It is said that the response is left to the discretion of the aunt. If so, there are some people who accept a wide range of sexual harassment, right? I tried to see how much I could actually allow. Yuri is 38 years old. A glamorous wife with dazzling big breasts and big butts that are obvious even from the top of her clothes. Judging from his work style and conversation, he has a personality that can’t be refused if asked. Furthermore, she is the type that is vulnerable to pushy men. If so, I tried to force it a bit… Please see the video of the hidden camera installed in the room for the unexpected development that unfolds after that.

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