Sorry to keep you waiting. It will be a personal photo shoot with a uniformed girl. A girl with an aura that seems to be able to study a little. She said she hasn’t done much P-life, so it’s too cute. When I took a picture of her skirt from a low angle, she was embarrassed and hid it by holding the hem of her skirt. When I invited him because it was close to his house, he arrived normally without any particular trouble whether he wanted to finish it quickly and go home. I’m glad she’s a girl with low vigilance. The style was good overall, and I could see that the breasts were big even from the top of the uniform, and the massage was great. The butt was also more than I imagined, it was a big butt girl. Sensitivity and tech were usually good though I said that I didn’t do much P activity. I felt like I was hiding and playing around with it. Her breasts and buttocks are at the level of an honor student, so the way she shakes when she’s pistoning is erotic. It was too comfortable, so I put it out as it is. After the shower, I was about to put on my clothes and go home, so it was still earlier than the promised time, so I stopped and stripped naked and entered the second round.

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