Fun and comfortable for girls as a hobby! With the motto, I’m doing a P activity support circle. This time it’s Asahi-chan♪ A quiet and serious honor student who attends a famous high school. With refreshing short hair and an elegant knee-length sailor uniform, she’s overflowing with neatness. It seems that they are only recruiting for tea, and they seem to be choosing their opponents quite carefully, so I dispatched a handsome junior. It seems that I have only met old men so far, and I was surprised by the sudden handsome man, but it seems that it is not bad w “I do not want to have sex with my uncle” It seems that I have only had tea so far, so it was my first time. I had an adult. “… do you feel good?” It seems that you are trying hard to pretend to be an erotic woman, but it is obvious that you are not used to it. I’m excited about such naivety. It’s also cute that when you praise him for being good at it, he smiles like he’s relieved. It’s a new genre that looks serious, seems to be playing behind the scenes, but is actually serious lol

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