The popularity of idols has spread to various places, and idols are very popular in anime and games. The voice actor who plays the character has singing, dancing, and good looks, and now as an idol like the character he himself plays, live performances are held on a scale that exceeds that of ordinary idols. They are such popular idol voice actors, but they are also girls. Mr. Apple entered a vocational school with the aim of becoming a voice actor from a young age, and started working in the industry at a young age. With her cuteness, neatness, and sparkle, she is revered as an ideal voice actor idol among fans. However, love is not prohibited, but it is a well-known fact that chastity is a prerequisite for popularity in their industry. Not just one or two voice actor idols have fallen from the peak of their popularity because their boyfriends were found out. Such a repressed environment, on the contrary, fuels their libido, and on top of that, the temptation of sex friends, pillows, affairs, and cheating will not stop. Apple is no exception. Entering a hotel with a man for the reason of a photo session means that you are willing to do so. The proof is that the crotch of the pants you see during the shoot is wet enough to stain. It’s already an established theory that girls who like anime and games have a strong interest in sex from a young age, but it seems that she was sensitively developing her own pussy with her daily masturbation. While saying no with his mouth, when a vibrator is thrust in, he convulses and cums while licking his butthole. The escalating lewd act becomes more and more captivated by pleasure and the true nature is exposed. As she sings and dances on stage, her face turns into a disgusting female face that puts doujinshi to shame. The sexual desire that became naked welcomes the raw insertion of Ji Po, repeats the climax many times and pierces deep into the co I’m sorry.

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