It was unthinkable before, but these days it’s not uncommon for celebrities to openly talk about their otaku hobbies in private on terrestrial television programs. S.R., who is active as an actress, has also professed that cosplay is her hobby, and when she uploads photos on SNS, her high quality is praised not only by fans but also by various media. It is already well known that women who choose to cosplay as a hobby aim to gain attention and sexual satisfaction. She is no exception. Otherwise, it would be unthinkable to agree to a private photo shoot with a stranger in a hotel room, even though you should be in a position to avoid scandal. The reluctant expression that she shows when Ji Po is put out in front of her makes me realize that she is an actress. However, it is clear from the smile that appears faintly that he is genuinely happy. Well known to the public, her indecent libido far from neat and clean, her overly sensitive body. Fine, well-groomed skin. It is artistic beauty in itself that the beautiful naked body that is too perfect is defiled with desire and becomes captivated by lust. By repeating the climax many times, at the same time as the lewd nature is revealed, the whole story of inserting raw into the completely open mako and putting out plenty of offspring is fully recorded with Gonzo. I was.

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