A man who was living a boring life at a place where he was sent away from home. One day, when I helped the beautiful wife Yuka next door carry her luggage, she invited me to her house to say thank you. Then Yuuka, a married woman, suddenly has a conversation with a sense of distance, and tempts her with a no bra, saying, “Did you see this place? Did you see it this morning?” The man can not stand the eroticism and has sex …. After that, Yuka, a married woman, repeatedly asked for sex, saying, “Aren’t you together once or twice?” There is also the position that both men are married, and the man tries to keep his reason, but Yuka’s too erotic body can’t stop bokki anymore. Intense ejaculation such as Hyottoko Blow mouth ejaculation, Saddle tide creampie sex, total 7 shots. 110 minutes of being intoxicated by the beautiful body of slender busty Yuka Waraku.

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