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Synopsis: Currently, I am the owner of several men’s beauty salons in Tokyo. By the way, this time, as a reminder, we have decided to use this opportunity to release the footage of the camera that was installed in advance in the room of the therapist who violated our terms of service (actual act). Today’s post is “Hitomi”, one month after entering our store. If you see her once, you’ll know right away that she’s an unbelievably beautiful woman. With his looks reminiscent of a female announcer, he is naturally very popular. Since he had just entered the store, he had already secured a large number of nominated customers, even though his massage skills were not that great. Since such cases are rare, it was a very welcome existence for our shop, where employees had to leave the store one after another due to the contractual act by the actual act recently. However, one month is the period when people tend to relax the most in this industry where there is a lot of turnover of people. Despite the fact that the store management staff said that it was a violation to do the actual act, the effort to refuse the customer’s true strength was in vain. I’m getting caught because I’m setting up a camera. If anything, the video is available here for a fee. She acted like she was not enthusiastic about the act, but when things started, she was enthusiastic. I got on a horse with a customer, shook my hips in the cowgirl position, and made a damp sound resound in the private room. I could see that she was firmly inside. Unlike Soap, Menes has no sexual services, so it’s clear that this reaction is serious, not acting. And of course, she was even vaginal cum shot, and we had no choice but to despair. It’s very disappointing to have such a promising newcomer leave the store in this way, but it can’t be helped because rules are rules. I was dismissed with tears in my eyes. We would appreciate it if you could confirm with your own eyes what kind of service was provided this time. [Comment from the shop] Emergency entry! With overwhelming beauty, why is such a child a men’s esthetic! ? This is a therapist who makes you think. Everyone has to admit that she is a beautiful woman. We will take you to the abyss of healing with a polished body line just to do “Men’s”. I think that you can enjoy healing in a different world, which is different from the previous Menes. The extraordinary feeling of perfection will enter your heart that is tired from daily work. Why don’t you light Hitomi’s bewitching flame behind the gorgeousness in the candle of your heart? We are looking forward to your reservation.

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