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Synopsis: 《J PROFILE》 《name: Jun》 《age: 18》 [existence is 18 forbidden penis love J ●] [Aquarium date with Jun-chan of the swimming club! She is a little different from other girls, and that is “too strong libido”. At the meeting place, he will be the first to touch his dick, and he will hook all kinds of fish and jellyfish in the aquarium and give machine gun talk with dirty jokes. I can’t think of anything other than Jun-chan, so I started touching my dick before I kissed him on a hotel day. I was already erect at the time of the date, so I entered sex mode as it was! Insert it raw into a plump shaved pussy that aspires to Chi ○ Po and let it get pregnant as it is and cum inside! If the reaction is so good, the amount will be enough to confirm the pregnancy, and the second round can be done easily. Let the tide that has accumulated just now urinate in the bath, go to bed and take another shot! I brought it for Jun-chan in the swimming club, and when I put on the transparent and lewd water, I had no choice but to rape my ass with a lotchimuchi. ! The first shot was inside, so the second shot was evenly spread all over my body! Sperm looks good on a fair-skinned child. There is no way this is the end, so I did it until the third round, but the camera battery ran out (crying).

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