[Fu] 20 years old T: 149 B: 83 W: 59 H: 86 College student living in Tokyo university student. His hobbies are anime geeks who buy goods on Otome Road, and he danced for 6 years when he was in elementary school. First experience high school ○ 2, first masturbation high ○ 2, I dated my boyfriend for the first time for 2 years, but I broke up, and now I’m spending my days studying and working part-time at Kii ○ya, so I’m living a life that has nothing to do with love. It seems that there is no He looks so youthful that he looks like a high school student, so when I asked him to show me his driver’s license, he was 20 years old. When I asked her that she doesn’t seem to be the kind of girl who would date a man on an app, she said, “I’m getting lonely at night.” I’m worried whether I can take a certain etch. What kind of sex did you have with your boyfriend? When I asked him, he answered “normal sex”. First of all, it’s like sticking, kissing, touching, undressing, being touched, touching, putting in, taking out? “I don’t know what to do at all~”…”I was interested in sex”, “I read manga~”, “I looked it up on the internet~”, and it seems she had sex with her boyfriend… What about masturbation? When asked, “I can’t do it very well”, “I don’t know what it feels like”, and it’s bad… I think it’s too much responsibility. May I ask if there’s anything you’re worried about? And, while thinking, “I’m going to do something~” I’m going to have sex, I imagine being refused. “I’m curious about your face, don’t you think?” Follow, when do you get excited? When I listened to it, her expression softened and I was relieved when she said, “I read manga,” “I listen to ASMR anime of Sele* Kano,” and “I like listening to it.” When I asked her if she was S or M, she said, “I think she’s probably M,” and “Sele* Kano is S,” so I started! ! . When I asked her how long she hadn’t had sex, she answered “one year” and was almost a virgin…anxious. Open her nervous crotch and caress from the ear cute pant voice, kissing is erotic, it is different from the reaction I thought, so when I heard it, “I think about naughty things every day ~” confessed! ! . The panties are also slippery, and the thirst for pleasure that was hidden in the back of the heart is expressed in the panties, gestures, etc. Even though I’m shy and I’m in my underwear, my M heart is excited. Stroking the body with the horn black rotor of the first toy, surrendering yourself to the first man, serious deep kiss …. When I put the rotor in my panties, I found out that I had shaved pussy. . Stimulation of the rotor and licking the ears and neck make panting, apparently it seems to be a generalized erogenous zone. I put the rotor onto her clitoris and let her masturbate. The surprised appearance is fresh for a long time! ! . If you suck hard, you’ll pant loudly saying “Murimu Rimuri ~” “I can’t put in force ~” “Dame no ~” “Stop and stop”, so when you stop it, your panties will get wet, and your first squirting will get wet to the sofa! ! . After inserting the Uma Vibe in a row, thinking that it is impossible, it enters with Suu, the inside of the pussy gets wet and wet, the eyes are also hollow for the first intense pleasure, the restraint ○ bundle tape is wrapped around the wrist, and M is stimulated! ! . When she squirts again, saying “Ah~ Yabai Yabai” and “Murimurimuri”, she opens her mouth and puts out her tongue. …. When I try to change the system to get a blowjob, I feel like I can’t move, so I feel like I can’t move, so even if I put a dick in my mouth, I can’t feel it and I’m going to wake up with a natural erotic! ! . My eyes are also hollow and I’m about to faint, so I stop and insert it on the sofa. When I asked him if his dick hurt after a long time, he said with an erotic face, “It’s fluffy,” and the pleasure exploded and it was just one step away from heaven… When I shake my hips strongly, my pant voice gets louder, and when I push it all the way down, it turns into a scream. When I told him to shout, “Do you have good thinking ability?” I can’t think of anything ~” I was immersed in pleasure, my waist got tired, so when I changed to cunnilingus, I shook my body saying “No good ~” while shouting loudly. She is so big that her cognitive ability is dulled and she is almost in a state of being alive, and she is so disturbed that she can’t afford to use her head! ! . Change from Cunnilingus to Uma Vibe, lie down on the sofa and pull the weakened body from the faint state to sit down, push the Uma Vibe with your hand, go into a trance state again, shout out loud, “Ah, no! “I’m going to collapse, so I can’t.” The blank expression in her eyes is like a dazed state, and compared to the first face, it’s pretty dangerous. ! . After that, she entered the second round in bed and became a generalized erogenous zone. . The stimulating experience of the pleasure that I remembered with SEX for the second time remains in my memory, and it is easy to imagine seeking pleasure and seeking desire with the match app.If you are interested, please find her on the app! ! . Self-portrait masturbation as a bonus video

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