[“Riko” 21 years old T: 160 B: 92 W: 61 H: 90 Temporary employee living in Tokyo] I casually talked about LI○E on a matching app, so what about tomorrow? When I asked about it, I was told that it was no good, and that the day after tomorrow would be fine because I had a day off from work, so I was able to meet immediately! ! . When you meet her, she has a charming and friendly smile, and her knit dress and big breasts and plump body tickles the hearts of men. Generation Z, whose hobbies are taking pictures with a smartphone and listening to music, said that his first masturbation was when he was watching a sexy video of Yo○T○be in middle ○ 2 and masturbated and went straight with chestnuts. My first experience was when I was 18 and had sex with someone I met on the Matchin app that day! ! , Until he left for Tokyo at the age of 20, he used apps to date and have sex with people he met. When I talk, I feel like I’m older with a gentle talk, I’m lonely because I don’t have a boyfriend now, and I have a libido that makes me feel horny if I don’t masturbate every day. It seems that there are 15 experienced people and it is almost older! ! . When I asked him about it, he seemed to like older men, and he seemed to have good sex and technique, and he liked kissing, so he wanted to give him a lot of erotic kisses. When asked what kind of sex she likes, she said that she likes being kissed and licked all over her body because she has a generalized erogenous zone, and that she likes being hit on the buttocks and thighs because she’s a light M, and she also likes restraints! ! And I’m convinced to choose an uncle in the app… First of all, if you stroke the white skin all over the body, it will react lightly, and if you kiss it, you will be surprised by the erotic kiss! ! When I look at my panties, the stains bleed so much, and when I start to feel it with long rotor masturbation, I beg him to “kiss me”. If you put your finger in the dick while kissing, you will alternately move your legs up and down and you will feel the pant voice loudly and intensely! ! . Make her underwear and shoot as if licking her whole body, put her arm on the chair and turn her butt to make a beautiful peach! . When I turn the peach buttocks with something, I pant and raise my voice in a sexy voice, and I feel that I hit the electric massage machine in the back. Let her sit on a chair and masturbate with an electric massage machine, and when she touches her nipples, she raises her waist and cums! ! . As it is, he wraps his wrists with a bundle of tape and puts a womanizer on it, but it doesn’t hit the clitoris well. While saying “I can’t move ~”, she shows a joyful expression, raises her voice saying “Adam”, “I’m going ~”, “I’m going ~” and bends her waist and it’s intense! ! A daughter who has a deep and violent way to live once. While feeling it, I instinctively lick it when I bring it to my face, and when I insert it as it is, my moaning voice becomes sexy and loud, “It’s too comfortable~” “Do more~” “That’s bad~” And shake the body and it’s intense! ! Remove the tape, push up on the chair, and poke the sensitive pussy from the back to the back, and you will feel a pleasure that you have never experienced before. I forgot myself and immersed myself in the pleasure, shook my head full of dopamine, trying to keep my sanity, but the wave of pleasure rushed and sank, and I was overwhelmed again! ! Perhaps in her life she had never met such intense pleasure? put your face on the table While projecting a close-up face on the camera and thrusting it in the back, when I asked him what kind of face he had, he said, “You have a good enough face.” While looking at the camera with a thin erotic face full of pleasure, the focus of the eyes does not match, only the instinct is awakened, and the face is distorted while panting “haahaa” in search of pleasure “Don’t stop~” From ~” Immersed in pleasure … “I’m going ~ I’m going ~” and my body trembles, but if I keep thrusting as it is, I feel like I’m going to go crazy for the first time. While saying that, I feel it all over, so once I stop, my body loses strength and collapses from the table to the carpet. When asked if she wants to do it, she says “I want to do it” and is attracted to pleasure. When you sit on a chair and insert it deeply, when the brain begins to fill with dopamine, the instinct tries to prevent the collapse of the ego, saying “No ~”, “No ~”, but you can’t beat the stimulation of pleasure and it’s intense. ! ! . Didn’t you have an intense etch experience up to this point? While thinking that, I carried her to the edge of the bed with an ekiben, and when I pushed her to the back in the upper position, it was intense. Perhaps he gave up, but if he continues to thrust, he accepts the stimulating pleasure, saying, “Wow! It feels so good!” After that, while watching the outside in front of the full glass where the building is illuminated by the sunset, while saying “beautiful”, I took off my underwear, and while enjoying the thrill of “someone might see me”, I smiled and gave a rich blowjob and dick. She seduces him by saying “Let’s do it”… Standing through the window and backing up for 2 consecutive times, then moving to bed Cunnilingus, licking her back and touching her breasts makes me feel like I’m in a trance… The second round enters with horizontal back, after that, from cunnilingus to positive position, blowjob, pie rubbing to “You can put it in”, the subject reverses at the woman on top posture, but when it is thrust from below, it is reversed, and when it is spanked from the sitting position, it suddenly changes and it is violent. Climax. Gokkun finish from the back enthronement to the top, the leg lift, and the top. Please see her limit-breaking silliness, “It’s the first time I’ve ever been so horny.” Self-portrait masturbation as a bonus video

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