Play contents: [Scene 1]: Interview, skirt lifted in front of the camera, panty show (front and back).
[Scene 2]: Play with chestnuts through panties, bite into panties with strings, play with toys, change panties, bite into panties with chains, electric massage.
[Scene 3]: Panty change, toy torture, panty bite with string, vibrator torture.
[Scene 4]: Intercrural sex through panties, deep kiss, girlfriend nipple torture, handjob, breast massage, cunnilingus, glans licking, rod licking, vacuum blowjob, backward cowgirl position (Tsukimi chausu), back, normal position, creampie.

Synopsis: Commitment to material, thinness of fabric, and material. A thorough angle that does not miss the expression on the panties. Blemishes, see-through, bites, etc. that challenged the limits. A series explosion for panty lovers by panty lovers! Please enjoy the ultimate panties who are passionate about panties.

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