Classmate ‘Erika’ who is popular at school. I often come to my house where I live alone and make fun of my virginity. I got a date invitation from a girl who cares about such a virgin me. When I told him about it, Erika pretended to be indifferent, but one day, an incident occurred in which they showed each other masturbation. . I was embarrassed and worried about it, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of sex… I decided to make a proposal. My first kiss… my first time touching my boobs… I was deeply moved by the warmth of a girl. That Erika, who always makes fun of me, drips man juice on my finger torture, licks my cheeks, and pant panting for my waist swing. I finished writing down my brush while feeling excitement like never before in Erika’s appearance, which is different from usual. And me and Erika…

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