A teacher who is trusted not only by the students but also by the board of education? She has a secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know. The only people who know it are the men in the room. Called by them countless times, they took advantage of their weaknesses and forced them to obey despite their reluctance. I want to cut off this damn relationship. He hated and despised these unreasonable men. And yet, there is still a part of me that cannot escape from here. Because she’s already realized her true nature… since when? My pitiful and miserable self. I was intoxicated by being made a comforter. However, my pride does not allow me to admit it. Even this conflict is seen through by the men. No matter how resolutely you act, your true nature will be exposed and you will be criticized for being just a deception. A moment hidden deep in the heart. She is abused and insulted, she exposes herself in front of the camera, and she once again prostrates herself at the man’s feet. All 4 episodes included.

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