The starring of this work is Hikari Aozora, also known as Pikakin! ! Her trademark is a smile that shines brightly like a clear blue sky, and she’s a beautiful girl who’s always smiling and cheerful! ! This filming location is tropical Okinawa, where ‘Galpika’ swims in the pool and wears sunglasses on her hair, twilight on the porch of an old private house, and is full of first appearance images. This October marks the 3rd anniversary of her activities. The concept that Pikakin himself imposed is a unique cut, saying, “I envisioned the image of a floating girl who came to travel.” Interviews and off-shots that are familiar to the series are about 30 minutes long, and the appearance of seniors JULIA and Rin Honjo, who are seniors from the office, has become a big hit! ! Bright Pikakin, who is excited and excited in warm Okinawa, will deliver energy and healing to you! !

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