There was also a material offer from a dangerous person again.
By the way, this story is fiction, so please don’t believe it.

He looks like a normal old man.
But when I talk, my eyes don’t smile at all, so I’m getting more and more scared.
In the past, he used to target children he found by chance, but now he goes on expeditions to various cities just to find them.
I can only say that the person found by this person is unlucky.
On this day, it seems that he found a woman walking in uniform even though it was daytime.
A bad boy who skipped school.
It seems that he decided so and thought that he had to punish him.
Then I follow them and find the right timing.
I said with a smile that I won’t win if I put that in her body.
When the time comes, the uniformed woman drinks it and gets on the bus.
Uncle’s hand stretches and stirs the dick.
I already have stains on my pants.
Take out the electric and vibrator and play with the uniform woman.
I feel it while resisting, and pussy juice like drool drips down.
A uniformed woman who gets off the bus and walks while feeling dizzy.
As I chased after him, he crouched in the shadow of the building.
It’s perfect.
He takes her to a secluded place to pick her up.
And as usual, I call my companion and let him act.
A cute little uniform woman is played with like a toy and sperm is poured over it.
definitely pregnant.

I want to look away from such a terrible thing, but I can’t forgive myself for being so excited.
Is that the case with you too?
Contrary to my desire to have this video seen by as many people as possible, there is also a feeling that I do not want it to spread because it will definitely be bad if it spreads too much.
I beg you.
Share it secretly.

At the beginning, take a picture of a woman in uniform walking.
02:40- A woman is resting in the park. I put down the coffee I was drinking and stood up.
05 minutes 09 seconds ~ Take a picture of the skirt upside down. Touch your butt through your skirt.
07:05 – Tracing the pussy through the pants. My pants are already wet.
From 08:53, stick your hands into your pants and do a hand man.
10 minutes and 41 seconds-Push the electric massager to the dick through the pants.
13 minutes 29 seconds ~ Take off your pants and see your dick and anus. Hand man as it is.
15 minutes 11 seconds ~ Rub the vibrator into the juice-covered pussy and insert it.
17 minutes 35 seconds ~ make it squid with a violent piston of the vibe. The legs are convulsed and pussy juice is dripped.
20 minutes 15 seconds ~ The woman is lying down. Turn over your underwear and take a picture of your nipples and female genitals.
At 27:01, the lying woman’s mask is removed and her clothes are exposed.
30 minutes 02 seconds ~ Drools into the woman’s mouth and kisses.
32 minutes 11 seconds ~ Expose the nipple and pinch it with both hands. Rub your breasts and suck your nipples.
34 minutes 37 seconds ~ Smell the feet and lick the thighs from the toes. My pants are wet.
36 minutes 06 seconds ~ Take off the soaking wet pants and play with the exposed pussy with your fingers.
From 38 minutes 26 seconds, spread your legs and do cunnilingus. A woman panting after being licked.
40 minutes 05 seconds – rubbing the buttocks with both hands and sucking on the anal.
43 minutes 21 seconds ~ Lay on back and hand man. A woman who feels her waist twist.
45 minutes and 38 seconds ~ Stick the penis in the mouth and give a blowjob.
From 48 minutes 20 seconds, it becomes a horse riding on the chest. Stick your penis in your mouth and shake your hips.
50 minutes 38 seconds ~ insert at missionary position. A woman who feels her waist floating.
53 minutes 55 seconds ~ bukkake ejaculation aiming at the dick. Insert without delay.
55 minutes 21 seconds ~ insert back into protruding buttocks. Shake your hips in close contact with the buttocks.
58 minutes 34 seconds ~ Bukkake ejaculation in the buttocks and pussy.
59 minutes 54 seconds ~ Embracing from below and pistoning violently.
61 minutes 21 seconds ~ A woman who falls backward, leans back and cums.
63 minutes 44 seconds ~ bukkake ejaculation in the vagina at the missionary position. It is inserted again in the convulsing pussy.
65 minutes 03 seconds ~ At the same time as the vaginal cum shot ejaculation, she cums violently.
67 minutes 17 seconds to the end

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