This time the opponent is a prefectural ② full-time girl. The atmosphere is that of a beautiful girl on a slope. She is the first girl to shoot, and the main part will be completely exposed. Since she is a young girl, please take responsibility for possession. She is a fair-skinned and slender girl who is too perfect. We guarantee eroticism. She likes naughty things, and when she lightly touches her pants, she twists her body and makes her shudder. It was a sensitive girl who was easily cunnilingus. I was able to fuck raw in the atmosphere of the place. I was told, “Don’t let me inside”, but even if I said “Tron” on my face, I didn’t have any persuasive power. I was in the mood to go home after playing all the way, but I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for each other, so this time I got naked and gave me a blowjob or something, and I got excited again, so I ended up going to the second round. .

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