I found a blue gym uniform with a swaying chest on tikt k. After 3 months of negotiations, we finally managed to sell raw panties. This time I’m very strategic. Take off your panties and hand them to me, and first sniff the smell. After that, as a panty to put on and go home, I bring a string-like panty with a very narrow crotch cloth area. There is no other way to choose between going home without panties or wearing panties that will inevitably protrude various things. It is an attempt to voyeur the figure upside down. On the day, I first took off my panties and went to an internet cafe to sell them. It is a very cute transparent pink panty. And I take out the string panties that have almost no cloth to hide. “Impossible, seriously impossible” I’m angry, but I’m already in the middle of this trick. We can’t go home without panties…at last…we exchange panties. In addition to her freshly taken off panties, Ao-che-chan is embarrassed when she kunka-sniffs her panties in front of her. And we went to the game center together to carry out the promised walk date. Underneath the skirt are panties that could get you suspended from school if your teacher finds you… When you take a picture upside down in a purikura machine with bright lights, the strings are digging into the meat and all sorts of things stick out. He said he was about to go home, so I followed him to his house and hit the STG at the entrance. I will drag you into the room so that the residents of the apartment will not find out…

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